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Our aim is to keep our customers thoroughly satisfied and give them best quality service. Our customers have complete faith in our ability by letting us handle their valuable goods, and we try to give them the best moving service possible.

Yes, it is very much preferred to book in advance. But if your relocation is not preplanned, you have to call at least 24 hours before.

We pack each and every item of our customers very carefully and professionally so chances of damages are none. Insurance of your goods is meant to be for some unavoidable circumstances like natural Disasters or accidents etc. All your goods will be insured so you will not bear any financial loss in any such case.

The insurance cover will be applicable on the value of goods declared by you. Our staff will assist you with the process.

It is recommended to make a packing list. If there are any vehicles to be moved, you will have to give us the copies of the insurance document as well as the RC book of your vehicle.

We can provide you multiple options from small trucks to large containers. It will be decided as per your need and convenience which vehicle you should use. Whichever vehicle you use our packing techniques and moving procedure is same.

No, we cannot transport LPG Cylinders if we are travelling from one city to other as there will be check post issues. Also, things like Liquids/Oils, Inflammable Items will not be transferred.

No, pets will not be transferred on Kuber Packers and Movers trucks.

Yes, we do provide Movers and Packers Services for Cars and bykes. We have heavy vehicles cargo trailers, in which your four and two wheeler vehicles can be easily transported. All you have to do is provide us the proper documents such as Insurance documents, vehicle registration documents etc.

We take all the preliminary precautions for weather conditions such as rains, heat etc. We use Sealed Weather Proof closed Containers for transportation.
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